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International mapping of evaluation associations launched

Mapping of existing Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluations
EvalPartners is proud to inform that the results of the Mapping of existing Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluators (VOPE) is now accessible for those who are interested.

Key findings
The mapping found a total 158 VOPEs, out of which 135 are at national level, while 23 at regional and international level. The total number of VOPEs verified (that have either responded to the survey and/or have an active website) by the mapping is 96. 110 countries have been found to have a VOPE. For a PowerPoint presentation on highlighting key findings, please click here.

An interactive map with a profile of existing VOPEs is available at In addition to contact information and websites (where available), the survey responses and case studies (see below) are accessible on the IOCE website.  This provides much more information about VOPEs than was available previously.

Those VOPEs that have not provided their information yet, are invited to do so by filling the Questionnaire in EnglishFrenchSpanish or Portuguese and send it back to Jim Rugh

Case studies produced
EvalPartners requested VOPE to produce case studies focusing on the three levels in capacity development (enabling environment; institutional capacity, and individual capacity) and the cross-sectorial priority of Equity and Gender-responsive evaluation systems.

The case studies are available for free download at

Below are the presentations highlighting key issues of selected case studies:

In addition, the following case studies on Equity-focused and Gender-responsive approaches are available:




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If you would like to request assistance to strengthen your Voluntary Organization of Professional Evaluators (VOPE), please write to Jim Rugh and Marco Segone, at: Contact us

EvalPartners Evaluation Report

EvalPartners Evaluation Report is now available for sharing. Please read the full report


The separate 6-page Executive Summary is available here


Download the Management response to the evaluation.

Key progress with EvalPartners

We have the pleasure to share with you the key progress done within EvalPartners.


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